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Our forestry services encompass overseeing harvesting operations and site preparation. Our experienced foresters are careful to protect the landowner's investments and leave the property in good condition for replanting and always considering aesthetics and wildlife.


For many tree growers, timber sales are made only two or three times in their entire life. It may take twenty or thirty years growing a crop only to lose much of its value because of one or two mistakes at the time of sale. Hiring a professional forester is a necessity to ensure your interests are protected and to receive top dollar for your investments.


Timber health is a year-round activity. The inability to recognize, prevent and treat insects, diseases and other pests, can devastate years of tree growth and a land owner's investment. We utilize aerial and ground surveillance techniques to detect any outbreaks. Our professionals have the training and experience to prevent, detect and treat affected areas. Don't wait to call us.
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Prescribed burns and fire certainly have a place in the tool belt of the professional forester. Fire creates changes in plant and animal habitat. There are numerous benefits of a controlled burn. It can increase the food source for game animals. It reduces the fuel available in case of a forest fire. The ashes from a burn can have a beneficial effect on the soil. We utilize prescribed burns to cause changes in plant and animal ecosystem to meet the specific objective's of the land owner.

Our tree planting is done primarily during dormant winter months, most often after December 1st but before March 15th. The planting time may vary somewhat. We plant a little earlier in warmer areas or a little later in colder climates. However the planning stage of the planting cycle starts early in the summer when we evaluate the quantity and type of trees required. We then place our order early to ensure the trees are available when we need them.

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