Tree planting and planning is a year round activity.


Tree planting is done during dormant winter months, normally after mid December but before the end of March. We will plant a little earlier or a little later in warmer or colder climates. We do not normally plant wildland trees during the summer. However, we do place our orders for trees in the early summer. Otherwise, there may not be enough seedlings available. Call us soon so we can begin planning for your next tree planting season.


Choosing the correct tree for the soil, weather conditions and desired results is important. Genetically engineered trees can substantially lower the time to harvest and increase the landowner's profits. Our management programs utilize the latest technology and equipment.

Tree planting


There are government assistance programs that can help a landowner with the cost of planting and growing trees. For example, the Forestry Incentives Program (FIP) supports good forest management practices on privately owned, non-industrial forest lands nationwide. Eligible practices are tree planting, timber stand improvement, site preparation for natural regeneration, and other related activities. FIP provides cost-share assistance at specifically set rates on forests with a minimum of 1 acre. FIP is available in counties designated by a Forest Service survey of eligible private timber acreage. We are familiar with many of the programs available to tree growers. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Goverment Assistance Programs can help with the cost of planting trees.