Logging, timber harvesting - Private Forester, Inc.


Logging and timber harvesting creates long-lasting impacts on the environment. Our supervised logging operations utilize the best management practices, maximize the benefits to the land owner and ensure the future of the environment. We carefully plan such things as where to locate stream crossings, stream buffers, skid trails, roads, and landings. These measures all help prevent erosion and sedimentation.
Timber harvesting is an important tool in forest management. A properly timed and well-executed harvest can help you manage the many values of your forest, including income. A poorly timed or executed harvest can cost you money and harm your forest.
A significant financial loss can occur from cutting timber either too early or too late. Damage to the residual stand of trees or soil often adversely affects the future value of your forest. To avoid potential setbacks like these, you should enlist the services of a professional forester. Our team will work to fulfill you current objectives and protect the future of your investment. Contact us now!
Our logging and timber harvesting operations can save you money and protect your woodlands.