Wildlife management services for deer, ducks, turkey



Wildlife management is important to the environment and can also be a good source of revenue for the land owner. We specialize in maximizing the potential of wildlife habitat for the benefit of the game and the landowner.

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Waterfowl and Duck Management
Turkey Management
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Food Plots

Our wildlife management services cover a wide spectrum of game animals and techniques to improve their habitat. Integrating our wildlife management services with our timber management program can have a profound effect on a landowners profitability and land value.


The number of deer any given property can support is known as the "carrying capacity". The carrying capacity of an unmanaged property varies throughout the year. There is an abundance of forage in the spring and summer months. In the fall, mast crops (acorns, etc.) are the main food item. Because of the lack forage and mast crops during the lean winter months the deer herd can become stressed. Modern timber management techniques, well planned food plots, wildlife feeders and mineral blocks can make up for the lack of food during the lean months of winter. This will help to increase the carrying capacity as well as over all health of the deer herd. Our deer management program can work for you.

Deer management
Waterfowl, ducks and turkey management programs


Diminishing habitat is the primary factor that limits waterfowl population. Drought and predation also contribute to the swings in their numbers from year to year. Our highly successful waterfowl and duck management program address these issues.


The Oceola and Eastern turkeys of the southeast have become one of the most sought after game birds in the US. Managing their habitat and special needs should be a part of every landowners wildlife management program. Our Turkey Management Program is a true success story for our customers and these magnificent game birds. Get started today, call us now.

Food plots benefit game animals in the lean months of winter