Ducks and waterfowl habitat can be protected and improved upon.



Waterfowl populations are limited today because wetland breeding, staging, and wintering areas are being damaged by activities such as industrial development, urban projects, and agriculture. The recent droughts also severely reduce the reproductive success of waterfowl. It is important that we realize the need to conserve our wetlands to ensure the future of this valuable resource. Our wildlife management program can not only help to protect your wetlands, it can improve upon them as well. Flooding of low areas can actually create new habitat. The planting of rice and other food sources can provide a great supplement to the natural food sources. Our experience in waterfowl and duck management has been a true success story. Call us today for more information.

Our duck management program has been exremely successful. Call us today.
Conserve our wetlands, ensure the future of waterfowl.