Oceola Turkeys are only found in Florida.



Oceola Turkeys are one of the five species of wild turkeys in the US. A North American Turkey Grand-Slam is not complete without one of these wary game birds. Oceolas can only be found in Florida. Oceolas are characterized by their slender bodies and long legs. Their preferred habitats are swamps adjacent to hardwoods. They have exceptional eyesight and are not as vocal as other species. We have had excellent results managing these game birds.


Turkey habitat is centered around the availability of food, water, and absence of predators. Our wildlife management program addresses all these issues. Food plots can supplement the existing food sources. Mature hardwoods may be left during the timber harvest to ensure the mast crop is left in tact. Hardwood stands also provide roosting locations in areas that were harvested for timber. In dry areas, ponds or watering locations can be created. Turkeys prefer to roost near water, so the location of water sources is important. Predator control may also be necessary. Bobcats, dogs and coyotes can seriously impact your Turkey population. Call us today.

Our wildlife management services integrate the needs of Turkeys and the other game animals.

Turkey Management

We have the expertise and experience to integrate the needs of various game animals into one management plan suited for your property. Food plots that were previously planted for deer can also include food preferred by turkeys and other game birds as well. These same food plots can be left through the spring and will provide a good place for a hen and her brood to catch insects. If additional water sources are required, they can be established to include the needs of waterfowl as well. Proper management of your wildlife is essential to the environment and can be a valuable source of income. Hunting leases have become extremely desirable by today's hunters.

Your Turkey population is an improtant resource. Call us today.