Food plots are an excellent supplimental food source during the lean months of winter.



Properly planned and managed food plots are an excellent way to supplement the diet of your game animals during the lean months of winter. For the maximum benefit they should be maintained year round. Let us help you improve the carrying capacity of your land.


Food plots located near pine forests generally have acetic soil and require the pH to be adjusted for the vegetation that will be planted. Some grains such as wheat and rye require a higher nitrogen level. Let us help to ensure you are using the right mixture of fertilizers and chemicals for the specific requirement.


There several different methods of planting. Using the correct one ensures your wildlife will actually benefit from your efforts. The most common method of harrowing a food plot, throwing the seed and covering the seed up with the harrow works well with cow peas and grains. However, special planting techniques are required for clovers and many of the smaller seeds. Inoculating these seeds before planting can greatly increase germination success. Corn and perennial peanut require special planting techniques and equipment.
Maintain your wildlife food plots year round.

Timing is critical for planting food plots. In the fall deer and turkeys diets will consist primarily of acorns. Once the mast crop starts to disappear your food plots must be ready to take over. Plant too soon and your winter plots could be destroyed by a warm spell. Planting your winter plot too late and your wildlife will not have the food source when they need it the most.
Planting too soon in the spring may deprive a hen and her brood from the abundance of insects attracted to your winter plots. In many cases, it is better to wait until early to mid summer to plant. Your food plot will will be prime when there is little new growth on the natural food sources.

You can certainly spend a lot of money on the various wildlife seed mixtures available on the market today. Some are better than others depending on the soil and climate conditions of the specific food plot. Our wildlife management program can save you time, money and have an extremely positive effect on the quantity and quality of your wildlife. Call us today and let us put our experience to work for you and benefit of your wildlife.

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