Deer management benifits the wildlife and the land owner.


Trophy deer management techniques have created a revolution in the way land owners manage their game. In just a few short years, areas that previously had very few trophy deer now are now famous for the bucks they produce. Texas has been at the forefront of deer research. In a land covered with cactus and mesquite growing in poor soil, they now boast some of the best deer hunting in the US. Alabama's deer herd was practically nonexistent several years ago. Today they have one of the largest deer herds in the south east. The quality of their trophy bucks is also the result of their aggressive deer management program. We offer these same trophy deer management techniques for our customers. The results of these services have been nothing short of impressive.


The old taboos of buck-only harvesting have been abandoned for newer trophy deer management practices. Buck to doe ratios are extremely important to improving the trophy deer potential on your property. A male deer must fully mature in order to become a trophy buck. But since a piece of property can only support a given number of deer, establishing the proper ratio helps to ensure the bucks reach maturity. Selective harvesting is one of the ways to improve the buck-to doe ratio. As a part of our program, our professionals will make harvest recommendations each season to improve the trophy potential of your deer herd.


Food plots are a great attractant as well as supplemental food source for deer. The number of deer any given property can support is known as the "carrying capacity". However, the carrying capacity of an unmanaged property varies throughout the year.
Trophy deer management

There is an abundance of forage in the spring and summer months. In the fall months, the mast crops (acorns, pecans, etc.) are the primary food source. Because of the lack forage and mast crops during the winter months the deer herd can become stressed. Well planned food plots, properly filled wildlife feeders and mineral blocks can supplement for the lack of natural food during the lean months of winter. Under proper management, these practices will increase the carrying capacity as well as over all health of the deer herd. Our services include soil evaluations, planting recommendations as well as soil improvement and planting. Knowing what and when to plant can really benefit your deer herd their trophy potential.

Food plots  suppliment for the lack of natural food in the lean months of winter.