Forest Management Plan, Private Forester, Inc.

Professional foresters and timber growers know that timber harvesting creates long-lasting impacts. Timber harvesting mistakes can take years to fix and can be very costly. A well-planned harvest provides you with immediate benefits, and improves your woodlands for the future.


If you are a land owner or timber grower, you understand that harvests are the heart of the financial portion of your forest management plan. We address your specific financial needs. You may want to maximize your short-term income or perhaps have a continual flow of income on a regular basis. There are numerous factors that have a direct impact on your timber harvests. We can develop a Forest Management Plan to suit your specific needs.

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  Location boundary lines Preparing a forest management plan
  Estimate the value of your timber Assess the market and time the harvest to maximize your return
  Estimate how much timber you have Prepare and market the timber sales packages
  Developing the sale contract Supervise the logging operation
  Obtain the necessary permits Ensure the logging operation is conducted per the sales contract