Timber health, costly pine beetle infestations are preventable.



Conifers and hardwoods each have unique set of diseases. The effects of these diseases range from diminished growth to causing the trees to die. The symptoms of these diseases can be difficult for the untrained eye to detect. In some cases, once the symptom is visible it is too late to save the infected tree. Our trained professionals can saveyour investment from the devastating effects of these infections. Don't wait until your trees appear to be infected. Call us now.


The southern pine beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis Zimmermann) is one of pine's most destructive insect enemies in the Southern United States. Because populations build quickly to outbreak proportions and since a large numbers of trees are killed, this insect generates the most concern among growers of southern

Timber diseases and insects can devisate a forest.

pine forests. Southern pine beetle losses can be reduced through the use of one or more recommended direct-control tactics. To be most effective, preventative measures should be a year-round activity. Major efforts should be made from late spring through fall to control actively spreading infestations. Winter and early spring treatment is also important to reduce the potential for spot growth as well as new spot development later in the spring and summer.


Spraying to eliminate or prevent infection or insect infestation can be done from the ground or plane. We utilize both methods depending on the particular circumstance. We provide full service forestry services to protect our customer's assets. Contact us now.

Timber spraying can be done from the ground or air.